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My name’s Pumpy – Insulin pump for PWD

13 mai 2014 | Posté par DiabMum dans DBlog Week

pumpyHello dudes,

My name’s Pumpy. I’m blue and come from Insulin Pumps Kingdom. I’m 3.

I am living with L. At the beginning our story was a little rough. She didn’t love me as I was a constant reminder of her D. But our story has changed over time and now things are different.

She loves me lot. And I love her too.

L. loves me because thanks to me she is alive and she can handle her D more easily. Together we planned 4 schemes. We agreed also on the ratios for when she wants to eat so that I calculate the amount of insulin she has to bolus for a meal. I let her know when there is insulin remaining before a shoot so she doesn’t bolus too much. I am able to bolus all at once or during a defined period of time so she can profit from a long lasting dinner with her friends or family. I even warn her when something’s going wrong with me : cartridge soon empty, battery needing to be changed, blocked canula,… I aso remind her tocheck her BG levels 2 hours after bolus. L. loves me because I take care of her.

And I love L. because she takes care of me. She give me a full cartridge when needed, she washes me. She let me know how many carbs she eats and most of the time;she lets me decide for her how much she has to bolus. But the reason I like her the most is because she keep me warm every day and when night’s coming, she let me saunter and wander in the bed. I love her so much that sometimes I enfold her at night.

I said it, I love L. What I didn’t say is that I can really be mad at her. Why ? Because she neglects me. She thinks that sometimes my advice are wrong and use the direct bolus tool which makes my head spinning. And when I want to warn her, she let me do so. For hours. I can be screaming not having enough insulin in the cartridge to save her, or saying the battery will soon decline, she doesn’t even look at me. Fortunatly, she always reacts. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t faint many times.

So I’m mad at her but I understand her. Always checking blood glucose levels and bolusing for each meal is not how she thought she would live. And after all, she takes care of me in the end. So I forgive. Because I know that I need her as much she does need me.


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