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17 mai 2014 | Posté par DiabMum dans DBlog Week - (2 Commentaires)

It’s #DblogWeek 6th day. It’s Saturday snapshot time !

Don’t really have tips or hacks to handle diabetes. But I have some to make it a little bit funnier: Build a competition with your spouse as of filling your pump cartridge. The one who fills it the most is prevented from washing the dishes until the results of the following week. Same stakes as …
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Hello dudes, My name’s Pumpy. I’m blue and come from Insulin Pumps Kingdom. I’m 3. I am living with L. At the beginning our story was a little rough. She didn’t love me as I was a constant reminder of her D. But our story has changed over time and now things are different. She loves …
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I found out that this week is Diabetes Blog Week. So I decided to make my contribution to this adventure. And I have to say that I never thought I could do such a thing. So I’ll count the story of my perfect world with diabetes. In a perfect world, people with diabetes wouldn’t be …
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