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A perfect world with diabetes

13 mai 2014 | Posté par DiabMum dans DBlog Week

I found out that this week is Diabetes Blog Week. So I decided to make my contribution to this adventure. And I have to say that I never thought I could do such a thing.

So I’ll count the story of my perfect world with diabetes.

In a perfect world, people with diabetes wouldn’t be seen as coming from Mars. Or maybe yes, but just because they have super magic powers such as not being afraid by needles. As superheroes, they would never been taken for junkies when they bolus or test in public areas.

In a perfect world with diabates, taking the plane would be as easy as when Superman decides to fly from one place to another : no need of hiding insulin or needles of any sort.

In a perfect world with diabetes, PWD wouldn’t be advised by people thinking that having diabetes is just having a too high blood glucose level because of eating too much, not practicing enough sport and not being able to profite from the things life can offer. Yes, toffee is only made out of sugar and it’s my fave sweet. So, I still eat some at times. And guess what ? I’m still alive !

In a perfect world with diabetes, our pumps would also have super powers :
- being able to check our bg levels
- giving advice depending on bg levels
- helping calculate the amount of carbs for a meal with a calculator included to add and calculate the amount of carbs more easily instead of having to count on a seperate device
- registering things about our D : mood, exercice, description of meals,…
- communicating with other devices using the cloud computing so all our d-related data is at one single place
- cartridge would be pre-filled
- …

In a perfect world with diabetes, CGM would be covered at least for people having difficulties to stabilize their diabetes or for women willing to be mother or even expecting – can’t believe they still think CGM is more expansive than coping with complications.

In a perfect world with diabetes, sugar-free or no-added-sugar food would not be more expansive than added sugar produce – never understood why a no sugar added compote is more expansive than a regular one. If someone has some explaination…

The world with diabetes is not perfect. Some milestones have been reached but there are still some steps to make to improve our diabetic lives.

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